Wednesday, August 29, 2007

युवा आणि मी (Yuva and I)

Posted by: शशि (Shashi)
(Posted in Devanagiri script, please comment if you have font display issues we can guide you)

इयत्ता ७वी ते १०वी ही चार शालेय वर्षे वसतीगृहातल्या जीवनाची चव चाखल्यावर माझ्या मनानं घेतलं की आता “घरी” राहायचं. पुण्यातील उच्चशिक्षणाचा प्रख्यात दर्जा, शाळेत जोडलेले जिवाभावाचे मित्र, चार वर्षे अंगवळणी पडलेलं ज्ञान प्रबोधिनीचं धमाल कॅलेंडर अशा ब-याच गोष्टींचा मोह डावलून अस्मादिकांनी बंगलोरात पाऊल ठेवले. इतरांपेक्षा काहीतरी वेगळं करण्याची आणि नवीन बघण्याची [आणि नवीन करुन बघण्याची :-)] मला खुमखुमी होतीच. काय तेच तेच एसपी नाहीतर फर्ग्युसन नाहीतर रुपाली नाहीतर ११वी सायन्स आणि इंजिनीयरिंग!

बंगलोर शहर मला तसे अगदी नवीन नव्हते म्हणा. गेली चार वर्षे उन्हाळी आणी दिवाळी सुट्ट्यांमध्ये इथेच तर तळ ठोकून असायचो की मी. पण महाराष्ट्र मंडळात एखाद्या कार्यक्रमाला गेलोय असा काही प्रसंग त्या सुट्ट्यांमध्ये घडला असल्याचे आठवत नाही. तेव्हा आमच्याकडे चारचाकीच काय पण दुचाकीसुद्धा नव्हती म्हटलं. म्हणूनच असेल कदाचित. बीटीएसच्या (तेव्हा लाल रंगाच्या) बसमधून मॅजेस्टिकला जायचो ते जास्त करून मराठी पेपर किंवा मासिके आणण्यासाठी.

कायमचा राहायला आल्यानंतर मात्र सुरुवातीला जरा भ्रमनिरासच झाला. तसा तो होतोच. माणसाची नं गंमतच असते. आयदर (अरेच्चा! मराठीत याला ‘एकतर’ म्हणतात – कित्ती सारखा शब्द आहे नाही?) तो भूतकाळात रमतो नाहीतर भविष्याची स्वप्नं रंगवतो. वर्तमानाची त्याला किंमत नसते. बंगलोरमधलं माझं पहिलं पूर्ण वर्ष शाळेतले ते रम्य दिवस आठवून हुरहुरण्यात गेलं. कॉलेज ठीक होतं, नवे मित्रदेखील चांगले भेटले होते; पण पुण्याची ती मजा काही न्यारीच असं मला जवळजवळ दीड वर्षं वाटतच राहिलं.

९६च्या गणेशोत्सवात मंडळात झालेली एक एकांकिका अजून आठवतेय. डोस्केदुखीचा फार्स असं नाव होतं. अगदी नेटकं सादरीकरण. माझ्याच वयोगटातल्या मुलामुलींनी केलं होतं. त्यावर्षी त्या संघाला पहिलं बक्षीस मिळालं.

संघ होता "युवा"!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Yuva at Jallosh, 2007

Posted by: Priti Gadgil

Some "did you know?"s before I start with the report:

Jallosh is an annual event hosted by Gathi-bheti and Bangalore-marathi at the Maharashtra Mandal for Marathi-speaking junta in Bangalore. It’s a day long event composed of on-stage entertainment, good Maharashtrian food and a lot of good-looking Maharashtrian girls(!,)
Yuva had been requested to present a variety-entertainment program for about 45 minutes.


4th Aug, Saturday, 6pm : Yuva meeting for Jallosh at Padmanabh's (mostly k.a. Paddy) place.

This meeting was going to be a different one --- a welcome reprieve from the traditional Yuva meetings (which are usually held MM) : Yuvaites were meeting after a long gap of about 6 months; Pady (Padmanabh) – the newly wed was hosting a yuva meeting at his home where we would get intro-ed to his wife Shreya; also, for the first time, 3 new-borns were going to attend a yuva meeting…literally!!

Yuva meetings never start on time…a trivial fact known to all in Yuva. By the time all expected had arrived, it was 8pm. There was excitement all around as people caught up with what was happening in each other’s life. The excitement seemed to grow each time the kids and their parents arrived! Each baby seemed amused to see so many new faces. When all 3 were really bored and had had enough of weird expressions and funny sounds they heard each time they encountered a new face, they were off with their respective mothers to the bedrooms to catch up on some sleep. Finally, the meeting began! A lot of ideas floated around as to what we could perform. It was decided that people would practice independently and would meet up the next Saturday evening and integrate the show.

The next Saturday, we met again. This time we had a new talent in Yuva …Swapnil on the keyboard, Amol on the tabla and Shreya, a professional dancer. The whole evening was spent on practicing various events. The agenda was as follows : first, we would start with the ‘powada’ by Pady and Neeraj, assisted by Swapnil, Amol and Priti, all for music. Second would be a one-act performance (comedy) by Mandy (Mandar)…third would be a lawani by Anuja…fourth, Kaustubh and Nikhil would enact a short skit written by Yuva’s very own award-winning writer Pramod…fifth, Mandar would sing a song that he had sung a few years back - a super-duper hit with the audience – “Aake seedhi lagi dil pe jaise katariya”. The sixth item on the program list was a solo dance by Shreya on melodious “Radha kaise na jale”. The program would finally end with the most anticipated performance “Ek chatur naar” by Pady and Mandy.

The next day morning, we all met up for Jallosh lunch at mandal. All participants were in their best form as usual and ready to ‘rock the stage’. All mothers and fathers in Yuva too were ready with baby baggage, helping each other with rocking the kids to sleep or entertaining them in their playing time, while the other watched the performances on stage. I wouldn’t go to describe how positive the audience reaction for Yuva’s event was. It will be obvious from some of the e-mails below

An edited version of the mail from Sujay – THE MAN behind the scenes:


Once again we did it..... with just 4 or so hours of practice and co-ordination, some extraordinary talent.... good enthu.... we did it again.

Kudos to all involved... to Paddy and Sagar for the initiation..... Paddy, Neeru and Mandy for their vocal exploits.

Shreya and Anuja for their 'no hassle' performances.... its as if they are always ready with those dances.... kind of plug and play.... cool. Will need more of this during ganpati....

Kavi shreshTha - KhaDilkar (Pramod) - It was a new way to present his works.... I hope he personally liked it.....Kaustubh and Nikhil did their usual stuff... that is 'GOOD'...!

Then there is Swapnil (new) on the key board. aaH the 'Dagga'... Amol on the tabla... Paddy aaNi Mandya ni hyala 'khalla'.... nothing more to say.....

Cool it was good to see a flurry on the day... lots of new faces too....

Replies from Sagar, Kaustubh and Mandar :
Kudos to all Yuva who supported for this event.

Yesterday we received an Invitation from MM President for Ganapti Ekankika and Variety program. After seeing people's enthu in this Jallosh we cannot keep ourselves out of this year Variety program. :)

baaki "nehamichech yashaswi" janate barobarach hyaaveLi sarva navin members cha performance phaarach utsaahavardhak hotaa ...

Shreya ni to dance phakta eka aathavadyaat basavala ase kaal Pady kaDuun kaLale .... he mhaNaje agadich "YUVA material" jhaale :-)

Are Sagar aaNi Vaidehi ne je kaahi "dive laavale" tyaachehi koutuk aahe ...

Anuja's dance was very well recieved too ...

Swapnil and Amol were superb with their instruments... A warm welcome to all of them ...

Yeah... it was a good show although I have not seen any of the performaces but only heard from people outside. But lets not forget contributions from some more key players around...Prasad, Kapilesh & Vaidehi - Good to see you giving helping hand and boosting morale of the team... tumha doghancha utsaah aaNi valuable suggestions khoop madatiche Tharale.

Priti - You were superb in "Event Management" role as usual.

Sujay - Nobody really congratulate you but we know how much it adds value to any YUVA event when we all see you around and all fired up.

Sagar - Jallosh Team was recording the whole event... So see if we can get the VCD/DVD in sometime to watch our performaces...

We can meet together and enjoy it.

We got a wonderful feedback from a person Vipin Raje from Mumbai. Here’s what he had to say :
This is Vipin from Dadar, Mumbai and I had a chance to see the Yuva showcase thru Jallosh Program on Sunday 12th August 2007. Infact , I am a music lover and I hope you do not mind If I comment here. I was in Bangalore the whole last week and thats where I came to know that MM in Bangalore is arranging a program by the name Jallosh. One of my friend got the tickets from Mr.Bhide and I attended the Jallosh program.

Infact , we have a small musical group known as 'Swaranjali' in Dadar & Thane ( Its not too big but we have all music lovers in our group). I liked all the programs what you guys presented on the stage. Good show !!!

On the music front , I would like to give my review to your Yuva team. You guys have great singers and great support from the synth Guy and Tabla player ( Do not remember their names). Chatur naar was a rocking performance from your singers and to play this song on a tabla truly deserves some kinda pat it was a great effort from your musical support team.This is what usually happens.A singer takes all the credit and the musicians are never noticed.

The first song from 'Half ticket' sung by legendary Kishore kumar was a half hearted effort from Mr.Sane ( I hope I've got his name correct). Please do not get me wrong here. But I think the practice was missing in that song and because of which the song went 'OFF Key' . I could figure out the look on your musicians face as it was tough for them to manage this situation. But still Kudos to the singer who attempted the song and its still tough to get your second performance rocking once you know you have faltered on your first one. Great effort from Mr.Sane. Congrats !!!

The purpose of the email is to certainly congratulate on your effort but also to point out little things which can make lot of difference to a person who understands music very well.

Also , congratulations to the Dancers who did a good job on the stage. Overall the performace from Yuva has a good impact on me and this is evident from the fact that the I am still murmuring the song Ek chatur Naar.

Infact, I wanted to meet everyone personally and congratulate but I was not able to track anyone after the program. In the end, I asked for some Yuva members email ID in the MM Office and they passed me your email address from the MM office on ground floor.

Wish you all the best and pass on my thoughts to all your team !!
Yuva Rocks in Bangalore !!
God bless !!

Vipin Raje.

Overall, it was a complete performance by Yuva that won accolades from the audience, well, as usual.

Just goes just another step to show that at Yuva, we don’t do different things…we just do them differently!

Ganeshotsav 2007 - Meeting update

Posted by: Rajiv Chalke

The meeting took place in the Maharashtra Mandal premises on Saturday evening, it took about 20-30 minutes till every one were present and settled ( few of us did come in later, but glad they did). It was a great gathering with new and existing Yuva around.

To come to the points quickly we had the introduction round of the new Yuva members and glad to know the new talents among us. We then got on to discussion of Ganeshotsav Variety Program. We managed to jot down a list of prospective events, (Yes! We gonna have a show) details will be sent on the mailing list to be developed further. What was commendable was the pro-activeness of the new members in volunteering to contribute to the program. Few of the Yuva (who could not make it to the meeting) had also sent across messages about their involvement.

Next we moved the ‘Ekankika’ competition. We discussed about 3 scripts, one of them written by Pramod, and he narrated it too, these will be discussed further. There is another meeting planned for Wednesday (22Aug) exclusively for the drama script discussion. We have been offered a tentative slot for our play, but to be officially confirmed in few days. The Variety Program too may be on 18th or 19th September 2007. Apart from the meeting it was nice to catch up with everyone and another big welcome to the new Yuva. More updates as we finalize things. Great start!

(Note: if anyone wishes to share their thoughts, please do so by adding your comments. Everyone- do look out for comments on this post.)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Ganeshotsav 2007: First meeting

Posted by: Ajit Oke

It's that time of the year again! Ganapati bappa's utsav is just round the corner, and Yuva will be abuzz with loads of activities, and of course tonnes of fun!

First general meeting towards finalizing upon one act play script and variety show items will be held at the Maharashtra Mandal premises Gandhinagar, on Saturday, August 18 at 5 PM (sharp!).

Agenda as conveyed by Sujay goes like this:
  1. Get to the meeting on time
  2. Get to know new members and their field(s) of interest
  3. Come up with a theme for variety program
  4. Read and discuss scripts written by Pramod, another script from a friend of Mayuresh, and/or other scripts other members may bring along
  5. Set pace and direction for the natak
It is kindly requested from the members, wannabe members to get any prospective scripts (Java scripts strictly not allowed) to discuss. You may contact Sagar (Tel: 9-4-4-8-4-5-4-6-7-1) for any further information.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ओ युवा युवा! (What Yuva means to me)

Posted by: अजित ओक (Ajit Oke)
(Posted in Devanagiri script, please comment if you have font display issues we can guide you)

पाच वर्षांपूर्वी पहिल्यांदा बेंगलोरला आलो, तेव्हा सगळं काही नवीन होतं. अंगावरच्या कपड्यांपासून ते कागदावरच्या नोकरीपर्यंत! पहिल्या पंधरा दिवसांचा ऑफिसने दिलेला ५-स्टार पाहुणचार लुटल्यानंतर, जेव्हा रोजच्या धबडग्यात पडलो, तेव्हा कधीकधी वाटायचं, की घरापासून आठशे मैल आलो, ते काय यासाठी? "कन्नडा गोत्तीला" एवढे शिकण्यासाठी आणि ९-ते-५ टायपिंगसाठी एसी ऑफिसमध्ये जाण्यासाठी? काहीतरी नक्कीच मिसिंग होतं (म्हणजे त्या 'लक्ष्य' सिनेमातल्या मेरे पास 'वो' नहीं है -- हॉ! 'लक्ष्य' --- इतकं उच्च पातळीवरचं नाही) काहीतरी नक्की अपूर्ण होतं. इंजिनियरींगच्या चार वर्षांत अभ्यास आणि टाइमपास सारख्या प्रमाणात केल्यानंतरही काहीतरी खरं करून दाखवण्याची खाज काही कमी झालेली नव्हती. खरं तर तोपर्यंत काही केलेलंच नव्हतं! (आणि अजूनही फार काही दिवे ऑन केले आहेत असं नाही, असो).

आणि अशा 'मनोवस्थेत' मला युवाबद्द्ल ऐकू आलं.

लोक सैन्यात 'शिरतात', प्रेमात 'पडतात', स्वातंत्र्य चळवळीत 'झोकून देतात', नोकरीवर 'रूजू होतात', संकटांना 'सामोरं जातात'. मी युवात सामील झालो! ते सामील होणं, हे त्या सर्वार्थांनी होतं! त्यानंतर जे घडलं तो इतिहास आहे, युवाच्या इतिहासात माझं सामील होणं हा काही सुवर्णाक्षरांनी वगैरे लिहून ठेवण्यासारखा दिवस नक्कीच नव्हता. माझ्या वैयक्तिक इतिहासात मात्र तो आहे.

युवा हा 'संघ' आहे. असंख्य स्वभाव-प्रकृतींच्या वल्लींनी हा संघ समृध्द केला आहे, होतो आहे. युवाच्या सगळ्या उद्योग-उचापतींविषयीची माहिती येथे तुम्हाला वेळोवेळी वाचायला मिळेलच. तुम्हाला जे जे आवडते ते करण्याची तुम्हाला युवामध्ये मुभा आहे. तुम्हाला अभिनय करायचा असेल, तुम्हाला इ-मेल फॉरवर्ड करायचे असतील, अखंड वटवट करायची असेल, क्रिकेट खेळायचे असेल, ट्रेक करण्याची आवड असेल, फालतू विनोद स्पर्धेत ढाल मिळवायची असेल, गाणं म्हणायचं असेल, किंवा नुसतंच ऐकायचं असेल, भाषण ठोकायचं असेल, खारीचा का होईना समाजसेवेत काही वाटा उचलायचा असेल आणि आता, लिखाणाचं व्यसन ब्लॉग माध्यमातून वाढवायचं असेल, तर असं सगळं तुम्ही करू शकता. तुमच्या या सगळ्या इंटरेस्टना पूरक असे मित्र-मैत्रीणी तुम्हाला 'युवा'त मिळतील यात तीळमात्र शंका नाही.

"युवाचे माझ्यावर अनंत उपकार आहेत, ते मी कसे फेडू बरे" इत्यादी cliche मध्ये मी काही पडणार नाही; कारण मी असलं काही शब्दांमधून तुमच्यापर्यंत पोहोचवू शकणार नाही याची मला खात्री आहे. युवा हा एक अनुभव आहे, आणि तो फक्त अनुभवावा, उगाच त्याचं पृथक्करण (म्हणजे मराठीत analysis) करत बसून नये असे माझे ठाम मत आहे. परंतु तरीही, दुबळा का होईना, एक प्रयत्न म्हणून मी काही वर्षांपूर्वी एक कविता(?) लिहिली होती. ती सादर करतो आहे.

युवा उवाच

जोश तारुण्याचा | प्रतिभेची साथ |
नवनवी क्षितिजे | खुणावती ||

सोडुनिया वाट | सरळ धोपट |
स्वीकारुनि आव्हान | आलो बंगलोरी ||

परप्रांत परभाषा | निराळेच रंग |
भोजनाचे हाल | परी निर्धार अभंग ||

गर्दीत त्या साऱ्या | ओलावा शोधीत |
फिरलो शहरी | या उद्यानांच्या ||

एके दिवशी अवचित | संध्याकाळी रम्य |
झालो मी दाखल | युवा मध्ये ||

ओळख ना पाळख | बुजरा स्वभाव |
परी घेतले सामावून | युवांनी मला ||

माझाच विश्वास बसे | ना माझ्यावर |
नाटकात जेव्हा || मी लाविले 'दिवे' ||

मग मी नाही | पाहिले वळून |
लुटल्या आनंदा | थांग नाही ||

गायन वादन | नाटक भ्रमंती |
तोडीच्या विनोदा | नाही आणि गणती ||

रम्य या शहरी | लाभले स्थैर्य |
जगण्याची जाणलो | सार्थकता ||

युवाची संगत | कायम लाभावी |
तुमच्यातलाच एक | युवा उवाच ||

ता.क. "अरे बघताय काय? सामील व्हा!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to the Yuva blog

Welcome to Yuva's blog. This is to compliment the more active Yahoo group of marathi-speaking youth of Bangalore, Yuva Marathi Sangh, more popularly known as Yuva. This blog is to enable everyone to know about the happenings in Yuva, to share thoughts, ideas and provide feedback. We will have more updates and details soon. This is just a small start!