Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some more snap-shots of Yuva at Jallosh09

Some snap-shots of Yuva at Jallosh. Happy to see Garry's onstage theatrical debut at this event. Shashi, Mayuresh, Darshan and Anand were their usual best on stage. Pramod and me did our bit putting up the show on stage. It's great to work with you all.... It's great to be a Yuva!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yuva at Jallosh '09

Yuva was happy to be a part of Jallosh '09. It was good experience to be here with a new crew (A combination of many associations accross Bangalore). Yuva was involved with the Direction of the play - "Love Letter" (by myself) and nivedan - both written by Pramodh Khadilkar (our nehmechaach yashasvi lekhak) Shashi and Mayuresh were a part of the nivedan. Garry & Anand were a part of the cast of the play. Darshan did all the shakes in the dances.... ( liked the way he lip-synced as he danced.... cool!)

Jallosh created a good platform for many youngsters and freshers in the field of Theatre, Music, Dance and Event Management.

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