Thursday, March 25, 2010

Click - Photography Workshop: Thoughts and Thanks

The Photography Workshop, CLICK went about well and as scheduled on 21st March 2010. Here are some thoughts and thanks on behalf of Yuva to the people responsible for it.

Let me start with a BIG THANKS to Ashish Vanjari for conducting the workshop. Thanks to Sujay, Nikhil, Gary, Mangesh and Onkar for not only organizing the workshop, but also working out details such as power back-up, food& snacks. Another BIG thanks to Maharashtra Mandal, Bangalore for making available the Mandal hall and facilities and mostly their continued support to us which is very encouraging. Thanks to everyone else who contributed alongside.

Around 28 people had registered, most of them turned up barring 3-4 who dropped out last minute due to emergencies. There were more interested, but did not register due to prior commitments. The age group of the participants was approximately 13 - 35 years. About 10 of the participants were a mix of non-Yuva and non-Marathi. Thanks to all those who showed interest and participated making this a big success, or should I say they made 'CLICK' click. Needless to say, it was a great success.

Ashish did a great job to bring along prints of his work, which not only showed his caliber as a passionate photographer, but also awed the audience, who browsed past while we waited during the minor start-up delays. The content was a good mix of the technical aspects, practical attempts, creative theories, and some story bytes from Ashish's experience. I am very sure most of them have a new perspective towards photography, have new ideas and will look at their cameras for better execution of their ideas into better and stunning photos.

The audience was largely interactive, with lot of queries and inputs too. Am sure they had suggestions/comments which I guess they must have put down in their feedback forms. Looking forward to the next part, where the next level of photography will be explored. Yuva will be sending updates on this soon.

Toward the end of the workshop, there was a job to hand to close the event as well, collections had to be reviewed payments had to be made, winding up, helping Ashish wind up... the organizers' job wasn't done. There was an unforeseen shortage of funds, I guess due to the few dropouts. But Yuva in its usual way was quick to act... all the Yuva members present go out additional contributions and help match-up, not only that they also helped in the winding up process as well. Finally the event was a success in the true sense; it got U and V together. Here's hoping that more people come ahead to be a part upcoming events.

Click here for photos!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Aarohan 2010: Event 1: CLICK - A Workshop on Fundamentals of Photography

YUVA MARATHI SANGH (Bengaluru) presents 'CLICK' A Workshop on Fundamentals of Photography by Photographer Ashish Vanzari

This is typically a workshop of the beginners and enthusiasts who want to know how to "CLICK" better. This will help you to know about your SLRs, DSLRs and Digital cameras, and how to compose shots and develope an photographer's eye. Also we will get to see Ashish's work and hear from the horse's mouth about the amazing experiences that he has encountered while taking his shots.

Limited entries Only. Workshop Fees Rs. 400/- (including Lunch, Snacks and Crafts material)

To Register and know more details, check the event post on Facebook

If you are not on Facebook and cannot access the post, please send in a request via comments to this blogpost. We will revert with the details. Please add you name and contact ( phone/email). Remember there are limited entries and they might close soon.