Friday, January 1, 2010

Yuva's successful debut at Sudarshan - Pune

Yes!! Yuva proved themselves, again.

Yuva participated in Sudarshan Rangmanch Dhirganka Spardha which was held in Pune on 25th to 27th Dec 2009. Yuva participated in the competition with Dhirgankika 'Abhas'. The play was written by Pramod Khadilkar and directed by Sujay Ghorpadkar from Yuva .In Bangalore Yuva has participated in different events of Maharashtra Mandal and showed their talent but this time Yuva decided to show our ability in another city like Pune and Yuva ownered with different hats like 'Uttejanarth'(consolation prize) in Best actor and Best Play category. Yuva had got an invitation to participate in the competition after Rangadakshini 2009 performance "Samantar".

Sudarshan Rangmanch Dhirganka Spardha is one of the prestigious competition in Pune. It was my pleasure that I got the chance to involve in a such great event. It was great fun too... I mean starting from reading the script to the actual performance on stage. Every one put their effort to make it happen.

Abhas was based on the people who couldn't complete their dreams and how god give the filling of accomplishment of their dreams through drama.Finally give the hope for life.

To make the event successful Yuva flew with feathers like

Direction: Sujay
Onstage: Pramod,Mayuresh,Nilaj,Shashi,Aboli,
Lights: Ravi, Nikhil Manohar.
Music: Onkar,Sarang
Backstage: Mangesh,Gaurav,Sarus,Gary
Coordinator: Anagha
Other Yuva, both from Bangalore and the ones relocated to Pune like Nikhil, Sagar etc. helped on D-day

Some pictures posted below here. More are available, click the ones below to view the full online album.

- By Girish Mahajan (Gary)